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Wholesale Guitar Distributors That Sell To Music Stores and E-commerce Dealers Only. Connect with Guitar Wholesalers Here in The USA. We Do Not Connect You With China Wholesalers or China Distributors. Buy from USA Based Real Master Wholesale Distributors That Sell Brands You Know and Trust. Plus Faster Delivery from USA Wholesalers.  Call 949 716 6222 


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You have just found a fantastic wholesale guitars resource solution company that has been in business for 11 years in the Consumer Electronics industry and 7 years in the Musical Instrument wholesale guitars Industry. Acoustic guitar accessories are readily available for dropship. Your company must have a tax id to buy wholesale guitars or guitar accessories. Buy acoustic guitars wholesale from USA based master distributors. Guitar dealers often sell their guitars at local flea markets, swap meets, or through amazon, e-bay and also through their own retail websites. Buy electric guitars brand new at dealer cost from our extensive wholesale distribution network of dropshippers and distributors. Cheap musical instruments are available, however - most of the guitars sold through the distributors network are of good to high quality. The guitar styles that are available at wholesale cost are: 6 string acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars, cutaway guitar, les paul style guitars, six string electric guitars, bass, ukulele, banjos, steel string guitars, student sized guitars, fender strat style, flying v, lucite, double neck, kids guitars, learn to play guitar videos and dvd's, guitar combo packs, wholesalers stock many different guitar products. Tuners, strings, straps, stands, amps, cables, pedals, fx, effects, speakers, amplifiers, capo, elixer strings, dropshippers also pack and ship your orders for all kinds of guitars, guitar accessories and more. Guitar wholesalers in the United States stock thousands of guitar products like groove tubes shure microphones samson mics fender strings folk guitars, electric guitars double cutaways humbucker pickups girls guitars les paul style sg body style arched top electric bass guitars with gig bag acoustic electric bass 4 string, 5 string, six string, blue, pink, green, black, red, sunburst guitars, acoustic guitars of all varieties like 39" acoustic guitars, 36" guitars, acoustic works package, 12 string guitars, solid top dreadnought guitars, classical, spain, mandolins, banjo, f-style, electric mandolin 5-string banjos, classical guitar with nylon strings, buy wholesale from distributors and dropship suppliers here in the states. dean electric guitars, upright bass, banjo package wholesale cost of course. guitar cases wholesale fender case stands foot controller gig bag tweed gig bags banjo cases boss fx pedals, super overdrive fuzz equalizer bass overdrive blues driver mega distrortion pedal, reverb pedals space echo flanger, phase shifter, digital delay, loop station, acoustic simulator, super chorus, turbo distortion, bass chorus, metal core, instrument cables by monster cable, stageline, adam, hotline, and more. fender original pickups, capos, slides, guitar store displays, wholesale distributors stocking thousands of guitars of all styles. Guitar amps are also available as well as guitar strings, guitar capos, cords, practice amps, pignose, gorilla, fender, gibson, marshall mini amps, dropshippers are standing by to dropship your guitars and guitar products guitar accessories all across the USA. Buy wholesale and re-sell for a nice profit. Start a new business selling guitars and related products. dropshipping wholesalers only sell to dealers with a valid tax id. Liquidation wholesalers also offer closeout guitars and promotional guitar products at below wholesale cost. USA wholesalers are selling acoustic musical instruments and electric musical instruments plus fx pedals, amps, speakers, cables, mixers, recorders, guitar picks, Wholesale guitar distributors in the USA will only sell to music stores and e-commerce dealers. Wholesale to trade only. No end user sales are made by the wholesale distributors. You may buy from the music instrument wholesalers if you have a valid tax id or local business license. Distributors also stock Ukulele's, dreadnought style, resonator guitars, banjos, banjo cases sold wholesale, triple neck guitars, sprucetop guitars wholesale, kids guitar / student guitar packs, combos, electronic tuners, distortion pedals by Boss, peads cases, metronomes, cromatic tuners, pickups guitar parts for manufacturers like tuning keys, acoustic guitar bridge pins, machine heads, universal plank heads, tremolo arm, strat style white knobs, tone bars, gauge slide, glass slides, chrome slides, strap lock, custom guitar picks with your stores name on them are also available to music dealers only. Peg board hooks and guitar display racks plus folding guitar stands and tubular guitar stands sold at dealer cost to musical instrument retail stores. Lubricant cleaners, instructional videos, music books, dvd's, guitar practice amplifiers are very popular. Overdrive amps, 2 channel guitar amps, bass and keyboard amplifiers, built in tuner amps with reverb, digital recorders, wholesale warehouses carry 9 volt amps, portable guitar amplifiers, guitar strap amp, plug n play mini amps, micro amp, ac/dc amp, practice amp, wholesale guitar suppliers here in the USA are standing by to drop ship your orders to your customers. Acoustic guitar amplifiers are now stocked. Batter powered guitar amp with Ipod docking. Wireless guitar amps are available through many wholesale sources. Guitar string wholesalers carry a variety of strings by black diamond, ernie ball, fender, gibson, d'Addario, washburn, martin, ghs, boomers, dean markley and more. Connect with guitar wholesale distributors and dropship companies easily by using our confidential wholesale system. Speak to a wholesale guitar consultant at 949 716 6222. 

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Arion - Arion Wholesale

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BA Star - B A Star

Black Diamond - Black Diamond Strings

Brand X - Brand X guitar amplifier

Camber - Camber wholesale

Casio - Casio Keyboards

Channel Vision - In-Line RF Amplifiers

Conquest USA - Conquest USA

D'Addario - D'Addario Guitar Strings,Bass Strings

Dan Electro - D'Addario Guitar Strings,Bass

Darco - Darco Electric Guitar

DW - DW Wholesale

Exacto - Wholesale Exacto

Featherweight - Buy guitars cheap and re-sell for profit

Fender - Fender Strings

Galveston - Galveston Guitars and Accessories

Gemini - DJ and PA equipment dropshiped

Gibson - Gibson Guitar Strings and Picks

Gorilla - Gorilla GG-20C, GB30

GP Percussion - GP Percussion

Hal Leonard - Hal Leonard wholesale

Hamilton - Hamilton Musical Accessories for B2B Dealer

Huang - Huang Star Performer Harmonicas

Karera - Karera Wholesale Vintage Guitar Amplifiers

Knucklehead - Knucklehead Strings Wholesale DW330

Kona - Wholesale Kona Amplifiers

Kyser - Classical Quick-Change Capo

Martin & Co. - Martin & Co. Strings

Mirage - Cases Wholesale, Musical Accessories

Misc - Wholesale Musical Accessories

Monique - Monique wholesale brass instruments

Musicians Workshop - Musicians Workshop


Nady Systems - Nady Systems

Numark - Newmark DJ equipment

Oscar Schemidt - Wholesale Guitars spruce tops

Pignose - Pignose Portable Guitar

Pyle Pro - Pyle Pro guitar amplifiers

Pyramid - Pyramid Wholesale Rack mount

Quik Lok - Quik Lok Electric guitar

Qwik Tune - Qwik Tune Tuners

Rocktek - Rocktek wholesale parts

Sennheiser Pro Force - Sennheiser

Silvertone - Silvertone

SKB - SBK cases

Sky - Sky microphones such as Uni-directional

Slicks - Guitar strings

Strongbox - Strongbox guitar cases

TJ Percussion - Drum set suppliers carrying toms

Watch & Learn - Watch & Learn instructions videos

Zildian - Zildian cymbals for percussion sets

Inventory Examples:

0737060000 Fender Acoustic Bass String Set Fender
F-150SL Fender Nickle Super Light Electric Guitar Strings Fender
F-3150XL Fender Nickle Extra Light Guitar Strings Fender
F-3150SL Fender Nickle Super Light Guitar Strings Fender
F-150XL Fender Nickle Extra Light Electric Guitar Strings Fender
F-7150L Fender Roundwound Nickle (.040-.100) BASS Fender
F-7150M Fender Roundwound Nickle (.045-.105) BASS Fender
F-7150HM Fender Roundwound Nickle (.050-.105) BASS Fender
F-7350L Fender Roundwound Stainless (.040-.100) BASS Fender
F-7350M Fender Roundwound Stainless (.045-.105) BASS Fender
F-3150 Fender Nickle Regular Electric Guitar Strings Fender
0730130000 Fender Classical 100's Guitar Strings- Ball End Fender
351HS Heavy Shell Guitar Picks (144) Fender
351MS Medium Shell Guitar Picks (144) Fender
351TS Thin Shell Guitar Picks (144) Fender
0990501000 4 OZ. Pump Polish for Guitars Fender
0981002500 Classic Celluloid Shell (Pack of 24)- Thumb Pick- Large Fender
0981002300 Classic Celluloid Shell (Pack of 24)- Thumb Pick- Medium Fender
0980346100 Classic Celluloid Shell Pack of 72- 346 Shape 0980346100- Thin 0980346300- Medium 0980346500- Heavy Fender
0732255003 Fender Nickel Plated Banjo 5-String Set Fender
0980354100 Classic Celluloid Shell Pack of 72- 354 Shape 0980354100- Thin 0980354300- Medium 0980354500- Heavy Fender
0732250003 Fender Nickel Plated Mandolin Strings Fender
0730100000 Fender Classical 100's Guitar Strings- Tie End Fender
073006000 Fender Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 0730060008- Medium 0730060003- Light 0730060002- X-tra Light Fender
0737150006 Fender Original Bass 7150 Series Fender
0730050002 Stainless Flat Wound Guitar Strings Fender
073315000 Fender Original Bullet Pure Nickel Series Electric Guitar Strings 0733150001- Super Light 0733150002- .009-.040 Light 0733150003- .009-.042 Light 0733150004- Regular Light 0733150006- Regular 0733150005- Medium Fender
F-150 Fender Nickle Light Electric Guitar Strings Fender
AX5000 Chromatic Tuner Fender
F-7350HM Fender Roundwound Stainless (.050-.105) BASS Fender
0980451100 Classic Celluloid Shell Pack of 72- 451 JR Shape 0980451100- Thin 0980451300- Medium 0980451500- Heavy Fender
023809000 Mini Twin Guitar Amplifier Fender
0234810000 Mini Deluxe Guitar Amplifier Fender
0234808000 Mini Tone Master Guitar Amplifier Fender
F-9050ML Fender Flatwound Stainless (.050-.105) BASS Fender
F-9050L Fender Flatwound Stainless (.045-.095) BASS Fender
F-9050M Fender Flatwound Stainless (.055-.105) BASS Fender
F-9120 Fender Nylon Tapewound (.058-.110) BASS Fender
BB120 2" Wide, Fort Bryan Guitar Strap Fort Bryan
UBV-580 Galveston Guitar Galveston
PM-131 Mandolin Top: Spruce Back and Sides: Maple Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Machine: Chrome Plated Finish: AB Galveston
PB-121 Banjo Skin: Remo Milky Resonator: Nato Neck: Nato Rim: Wood Rim Fingerboard: Rosewood Position Makers: Dot Tuning Machines: Open Type Brackets: 18 Galveston
PB-436 Banjo Skin: Remo Milky Resonator: Nato Neck: Nato Rim: Wood Rim Fingerboard: Rosewood Position Makers: Heart Tuning Machines: Chrome Diecast Brackets: 24 Galveston
PB-577 Banjo Skin: Remo Milky Resonator: Curly Maple Neck: Maple Rim: Wood Rim Fingerboard: Rosewood Position Makers: Bud Tuning Machines: Chrome Diecast Brackets: 24 Galveston
PB-777 Banjo Skin: Clear Resonator: Tiger Tail Neck: Maple Rim: Solid Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Position Makers: Heart Tuning Machines: Gold Geared Brackets: 24 Galveston
EC-9401 Galveston Guitar Galveston
391 Galveston Guitar Galveston
E-200 Galveston Guitar Galveston
PM-361S Mandolin Top: Solid Spruce Back and Sides: Sycamore Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Machine: Gold Plated Finish: AB Galveston
APB-24 Galveston Guitar Galveston
AS-36 Galveston Guitar Galveston
AS-35 Galveston Guitar Galveston
Fortune-1 Galveston Guitar Galveston
Fortune-2 Galveston Guitar Galveston
AJB-24 Galveston Guitar Galveston
PD-231 Galveston Resonator Guitar Finish: TS, CH, M, N, B Galveston
USL-990G Galveston Guitar Galveston
UB-7000 Galveston Guitar Galveston
EA-205BLS Galveston Guitar Galveston
PBS-455 Galveston Resonator Guitar PBS-455E/T- Same as PBS-455E/C but Trunk Engraving Galveston
PDM-531 Galveston Metal Resonator Guitar Galveston
PBS-431 Galveston Resonator Guitar PBS-431 E/T Same as PBS-431E/C but trunk engraving Galveston
PM-564S Mandolin Top: Solid Spruce Back and Sides: Sycamore Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Machine: Gold Plated Finish: AB Galveston
PBD-531 Galveston Resonator Guitar PBD-531 E/C PBD-531 E/T Same as PBD-531 with 1 V, 1T, Lipstick Pickups Galveston
PM-231 Mandolin Top: Spruce Back and Sides: Maple Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Maching: Chrome Finish: AB Galveston
PD-131 Galveston Resonator Guitar Finish: TS, CH, M, N Galveston
MB-38 Galveston Guitar Galveston
ES-335 Galveston Guitar Galveston
PB-221 Banjo Skin: Remo Milky Resonator: Nato Neck: Nato Rim: Wood Rim Fingerboard: Rosewood Position Makers: Dot Tuning Machines: Open Type Brackets: 24 Galveston
PM-682S Mandolin Top: Solid spruce Bacnk and Sides: Solid maple Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Tuning Machine: Nickel Finish: AB Galveston
Studio-59 Galveston Guitar Galveston
PM-433 Mandolin Top: Spruce Back and Sides: Maple Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Machine: Gold Plated Finish: AB Galveston
USB-12B Galveston Guitar Galveston
SSB-1 Galveston Guitar Galveston
UB-8000 Galveston Guitar Galveston
EAP-550TBS Galveston Guitar Galveston
USB-405 Galveston Guitar Galveston
USB-790PGRB Galveston Guitar Galveston
USE-3000 Galveston Guitar Galveston
PM-131E Mandolin Top: Spruce Back and Sides: Maple Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Tuning Machine: Chrome Finish: AB Galveston
SSG-1 Galveston Guitar Galveston
USB-690 Galveston Guitar Galveston
UEB-2001D Galveston Guitar Galveston
VH101H Headset System- 150' Range Gemini
VH101M Handheld System- 150' Range Gemini
VH120M Dual Handheld System 250' Range Gemini
VH120ML Handheld and Lavalier System- 250' Range Gemini
VH101L Lavalier System- 150' Range Gemini
2101A Guitar Pick Bags with Drawstring Pouch- Available in Black, Red, or Grey 2101ABL (Black) 2101AGR (Gray) 2101AR (Red) Gibson
600 Epiphone NPS Wound Electric Guitar Strings 600UL .009-.042 600L .010-.046 Gibson
AILC975 Luthier's Choice Triple Pack Gibson
G-700L Electric Light Gibson
GG910 Pump Polish for Guitars, Banjos and Mandolins Gibson
ASGG 2" Woven Guitar Strap in Red or Blue ASGG600 (RED) ASGG800 (BLUE) Gibson
GG650 Gibson Round, Glass Slide Gibson
AFS Ace Frehley Signature NPS Wound Electric Guitar Strings .009-.046 Gibson
GG74M Gibson Standard Guitar Picks Gibson
GG600 Gibson Round, Steel Slide Gibson
GG74H Gibson Standard Guitar Picks Gibson
SA Alloy Humbucker Electric Guitar Strings SA9 (.009-.042) SA10 (.010-.046) SA11 (.011-.050) Gibson
G-80L Extra Light Bass Gibson
GG170 Gibson Capo for Steel Strings, Curved Gibson
G700 "Bright Wire"- Nickel Plated Steel Wound Electric Guitar Strings G700L (light .010-.046) G700UL (Ultra light) G700SUL (Super Ultra Light .008-.036) Gibson
G573 Medium Banjo String .012-.025g Gibson
G80M Bass Guitar Strings- .045-.105g Gibson
SEBE60 Epiphone NPS Bass Set .045-.105 Gibson
G-1040ML Electric Flatwound Light Gibson
G-700SUL Electric Super Light Gibson
G-740LC Electric Rock Light Gibson
G-740ULC Electric Rock Extra Light Gibson
G-740SULC Electric Rock Super Light Gibson
G-900M Electric Nickle, Wound 3rd (.012-.056) Gibson
G-900ML Electric Nickle, Wound 3rd (.011-.054) Gibson
GG74T Gibson Standard Guitar Picks Gibson
G-1040M Electric Flatwound Medium Gibson
GG73T Gibson Wedge Guitar Picks Gibson
G-200M Acoustic Medium Gibson
G-200L Acoustic Light Gibson
G-300L Acoustic Brass Wound Medium Gibson
G-167ML Mandolin Bronze Gibson
GG73M Gibson Wedge Guitar Picks Gibson
G-700UL Electric Extra Light Gibson
G-80ML Light Guage Bass Gibson
G-300SUL Acoustic Brass Wound Extra Light Gibson
G-161ML Mandolin Plain Gibson
G1040ML "Flat Wound" Medium Light Electric Guitar Strings .011-.051g Gibson
G-330L Acoustic Mona-Steel Medium Gibson
G-330UL Acoustic Mona-Steel Light Gibson
GN-8000MPA Multi-Purpose Amplifier Connects headsets to virtually any telephone Voice compression and switching Built-in headset stand with on-line indicator option that signals when the headset is in use Compatible with GN Netcom, Unex, and ACS brand headsets GN Netcom
GG-20C 20 Watt Guitar Amplifier Same as GG-20 with the addition of chorus effect circuit Gorilla
GB30 30 Watt Bass/Keyboard Guitar Amplifier Gorilla
GG-20 20 Watt Guitar Amplifier Gorilla
TC35 20 Watt Guitar Amplifier Gorilla
GG-10 10 Watt Practice Amplifier Gorilla
TC-35 The Tube Cruncher-35 Watt Guitar Amplifier Gorilla
GB-30 30 Watt Bass/Keyboard Amplifier 14"x79"x147", 25 lbs Gorilla
GG-20R 20 Watt Guitar Amplifier Same as the GG-20 with the addition of reverb Gorilla
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